Grazie Vita!

All it took was just a moment. It always takes just a moment. A moment to shake up your world, to change your life as you knew it. The milestones you had reached, brick by brick, the monuments you had made, piece by piece, the heights you had touched, all ripped off the wall of your existence. Days and weeks and months and years and ages of struggle and love, patience and resilience, courage and hope, are brought to trial in a single moment. A moment is the separation between a smile and a tear.

But all it took was a moment. It always takes just a moment Amico. A moment to transform. It takes merely a moment to face the music of the deeds of your sentimental, spontaneous, instinctive personality. Only a moment is required to see through the sheer recklessness and plain brutality inflicted upon you. In that lapse of a moment, you open your eyes to the actuality of reality; you reflect upon the pains you took to accommodate people in your life, and their real face shown in the mirror doesn’t look quite so fascinating anymore. People are ferocious and vicious, but covered with facades of affection and love. When the time comes, it takes only a moment for them to throw away all that mattered to you in the garbage.

So, all it took was a moment. It always takes just a moment. You took only a moment to enlighten your own way towards this luminous path. You sip on your tears. You mutter a silent prayer. And you close it with a massive iron lock in your heart. Obviously, it still aches to think to what happened, to fall from such a zenith and pushed by none others than those closest to you, yet you bear it all. Because pain demands to be felt. You cannot deny its presence, but you learn to learn from it. You learn to move away from all the darkness that was trying to engulf you and you, oh you little Light! You kept flickering and never going out completely. That’s what you are supposed to do Amico. Shine as bright as you can. Smile as wide as you can. Take that moment and live it. For it is that moment that vanishes those tears and curves your lips into a smile.


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