Winter is Coming

It’s a beautiful day. The winter is announcing its arrival by the chilly cold breeze gushing across my face. It is making my feet and legs go numb for I am too feeble to bear any intensity. Yet I don’t mind it, after all I have waited long enough to cherish this winter. I have born the scorching, dehydrating heat of the summers to reach to this most awaited winter. Winter is coming, finally.

Only now do I realize the futility of my long, desperate wait. Here they are, the long, unending nights that I was so longing for. But I have been denied their pleasures, I have been exiled to the realms of loneliness and misery. I have been dethroned from my kingdom of tranquility and peace, only to suffer alone in the desert of redemption and regret. I have all what I asked for yet here I stand empty handed. The heart beats but has lost the one it beat for. My prayers have been answered but my wishes have been refused.


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