It so unfair. To be always on the losing side. The waiting side. To live in mere illusions. Of happiness. Of elation. To keep dreaming. Having strong impulse about a future that holds nothing but sheer harmony n peace. Madman’s dreams of Utopian world.

It’s so painful. It hurts. It’s just unbearably pinching; to keep shedding tears over such matters that when voiced, seem petty and insignificant to the world. But they don’t know, they don’t realize the momentous and humongous power they have. The sheer force with which they collide with my heart and leaving aching and bleeding. If only, ah, if only the world possessed such an aching, throbbing heart.

But it doesn’t. It doesn’t possess a heart at all. And you are just compelled to thrash n bang your head against the rocky coldness. Till you bleed. Till it claims the last drop of your life from your miserable being.


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