My Precious

“I’m all yours,” her Precious claimed. She kept looking at the sight being offered to her eyes, as if it was all she had. She felt so complete, so ecstatic with the presence of Precious. Otherwise, the world was a dull, dismal abode for her. “You’re mine, all MINE,” she whispered as she embraced the ‘Precious’ being one more time.

Little Ella was unfortunate in the manner that she had no parents while growing up. She lost them to a car accident when she was just seven and had since then been living with her maternal Aunt and Uncle. They loved her almost just like their own daughter Tia who was a year older than Ella. Well, almost. Sometimes Ella could perceive the bitter reality that Tia is always given the more conspicuous and prominent kind of love. The love her aunt and uncle had for Ella was subtle and often suppressed by the dominance of their feelings for Tia. Ella learnt not to complain; it was enough she was being fed and clothed and educated under their roof. What’s love compared to these needs? Nothing, she always convinced herself.

Love works in mysterious, incomprehensible ways. While Ella was acting quite sensibly for her age, being only in her early teen age and keeping a lookout for love, it found a way to penetrate through her strong defence. Love conquered her in the form of that exquisite and enticing pearl necklace. It was brought for Tia of course, from abroad, by her father. She offered Ella to try it on as a courtesy and as soon as the delicate thing touched her milky, smooth skin, everyone could see that it was made for Ella. Tia could not part with her invaluable, exorbitant present so easily but she was tactful enough to act generously in front of her family. So she kindly offered Ella to share it with her. Little Ella was foolish enough to accept the proposal without any hesitation. If only she had not.

The necklace undoubtedly elevated Ella’s beauty and glory. It was like a charm for Ella; she considered herself to become invincible after wearing it. It empowered her to soar high in the skies of self-confidence and endowed her with a unique kind of elation. If she was not wearing it, she kept feeling as though something significantly vital was missing from her life. The absence of the necklace would make her unbearably grouchy and edgy. It had become her most supreme and precious possession. That’s how it got the name; Ella would run her sleek, long fingers over her neck, feeling the strong sway of the necklace and murmur, “My Precious.”

Little did poor Ella know that Love is barbaric and merciless. It indulges you in a sea of deep obsession and crapulence for the Beloved. You are swiped off your feet by one, single, mighty blow of love and it may take a whole lifetime to stand upright again. Love is a mirage, a façade and nothing more. It extends its vapoury shadows like solid, robust iron towards its victims; the wretched creatures cling to them considering them sturdy and secure. While in fact the shadows are nothing more but mere mists of derisive, cynical suffering, the prey of Love are phantasmagorical; caught in between the logical mind and the loving heart.

Tia being more fortunate and the original owner of the lavaliere, easily noticed Ella’s obsession and conveniently felt jealous of her. She abstained Ella from wearing the necklace ever again, claiming that it was solely hers. Ella felt like the ground had been snatched away from beneath her feet and her lifeline has been cut.

 The deception of Love was over; it had unveiled itself to her in all its ugliness and hideousness. Love blinds you, provides you with the false yet tempting delusion that something or someone belongs to you. Slowly and painfully, it dawns upon you that you could not be any more mistaken. Despite all your logical arguments and brainy, rational thinking, you lose. You forfeit in front of Love’s cunning, convoluted trap. You are broken, you are shattered and you accept your defeat. But how on Earth do you learn to continue living your life without your Precious?


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