No Regrets

I always wanted to live a life devoid of any regrets. This, however, proved to be an uphill task. Being human, we are always presented with hard choices and difficult decisions. In most of the cases, we end up repenting our wrong decisions. This is how life goes; it gives us a lot to be tested for and leaves us with uncountable experiences.

One such huge task is making the decision about one’s education and career. It is something of immense significance and should be dealt with due seriousness. This decision is the one that lays the groundwork for our future. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be guided through this important process properly and therefore, end up making terribly wrong decisions that would affect us throughout our lives.

I went through such a trial when I was faced with the decision of choosing a major for my college. The happiness of securing good marks and being able to get into any college of my desire dissolved in front of the weight of the choice of the major subject for my future studies. There was nothing that mattered more, other than to find the answer to that question.

I turned to my family for help. “Father, what do you want me to be?” I asked him simply. “Whatever you want to be, it’s totally your choice”, he said. That is not much help; I thought to myself and sought aid from my brother. “Go with the medical studies, it’s what is in mainstream nowadays”, he remarked. I voiced doubts about my lack of ability to cram the syllabus which is pretty much the basic requirement of a medical student to make it through their examinations. “Don’t worry; you’ll do just fine, you are so bright”, was all that he chose to say in my response.

Fate has its own way of presenting us with things that we have never even dreamed of. I took the entry test but failed to clear it. Consequently, I was once again standing on the zero stage, unable to make a decision. “Go for natural sciences”, advised my brother again. I protested again, telling him that it was kind of hard for me to concentrate and capture the concepts of science subjects. “You’ll do just fine, don’t you worry” was all he said to lock the matter.

I got admitted into a prestigious institute known for its long history of producing fine professionals in every field. I was happy and proud for being able to make it there. However, this joy was short-lived too. As if the burden and crushing pressure of the hectic routine was not enough, I was met with the problem of lack of comprehension regarding most of my subjects.  No matter how hard I concentrated or focused, I just could not get what the teacher was talking about. I seemed to be the only one with this problem, which was a proof of the fact that the problem was within me, not with the teacher.

The next challenging task was passing the examination. Regardless of the effort or the hard work I put in the preparation, I was unable to retain anything in my mind for long. I was finding it extremely difficult to prepare for the final assessment. I felt like it was almost impossible to pass the examinations at all. Being on the top or achieving a distinction from the rest of my fellows seemed like a far-fetched idea.

Such miserable was my situation during my whole program. I would keep crying whenever there was a test or exam and complained about the injustice that my brother had done by sending me for that degree. My family could understand my frustration and asked me to pull back from the program. It was however, against my ‘honour’ of excellent academic record to take such a step. So I simply kept moving on with it, working hard for the quizzes and exams and somehow making it through them every time.

Time flies on no matter how life is going. My time at the college came to an end as well and I graduated out of there. I was presented with the same uncertainty and indecision about my higher studies. A much advised and most reasonable choice was to pursue the same major for advanced studies. I, being the victim of its brutalities, refused to study at all if such case was to be imposed on me.

During my graduation, I had found out my passion; I was not meant to be a scientist. I was inclined towards arts and literature. I liked to keep writing at length about nothing in particular but everything in general. Whatever I wrote was much acknowledged and appreciated by my friends and acquaintances to such an extent that they even began to ask me to write for them. This meant so much to me; it was an achievement in its own.

This was however, unacceptable to my family. “With such a reputed degree such as yours, you can do wonders in your field”, my mother said, trying to talk me into some sense. “But I don’t want to pursue it as a career; this is not what I like. This was what you guys imposed on me and was not my own decision.” I’m glad I took a stand that day and applied for a degree program in literature.

I still remember the day I told my family that I have got admission in the new university and am going to follow my dream of becoming a writer one day. They were utterly displeased; my father even termed it as ‘a reverse gear’ to my education and career. I was disheartened upon such a cold reaction but I took it upon me to change it with my results. It was easier said than done; I burnt midnight oil and spent hours at length, preparing notes and assignments. I was rewarded with the result that I had topped my entire session. This was only secondary to what elation was brought to me by the look in my parents’ eyes. I could see how proud I had made them and that was a goal I had always aimed to achieve.

Life is an excellent teacher and what I learnt from this achievement was that if you have found your passion, never let it go. You just have to cling on to it and put your faith into yourself. It is a hard step reaching a decision regarding certain things in your life. You have to be strong, believe in yourself and to follow your heart to lead a life that has no regrets.


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